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We’ve been project managing a loft conversion in South London and are excited to share the ‘almost finished’ photos. Our clients have taken care over the details and the result is stunning. They have chosen Senso resin flooring for both the shower room and bedroom. Roof lights flood the space with light, and carefully selected sanitary ware and bathroom fittings add to the wow factor. A neat, space saving, oak pocket door leads from the shower room into the bedroom.

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Our creative clients have finished scaffold boards with wax and they now make for a feature wall in the bedroom. It’s always a pleasure to be part of making someone’s home even more beautiful, and this new loft is certainly one that our clients will enjoy.

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At our extension, again in South London, we’ve fixed the timber batons ready for the external cedar cladding.



The doors are going in.

photo 1

We have Velux windows too.

photo 2

And we’re even making sure the family pet has a cat flap to come and go through!

photo 1


Thank you for checking out our blog. We’re really keen to share our ideas, information and inspiration with you and are hoping you’re liking what you’re seeing and reading so far! This time, we’ve got an idea for a gorgeous sink, some info so your kitchen planning goes smoothly and an inspiring shower room that we’ve created recently. Please leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

An idea – what do you think of these goregous sinks from Leisure? They’re made from a material called Neostrone. It incorporates 70% quartz particles creating a unique granite effect finish which is incredibly durable, highyl scratch resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 230 degrees centigrade. We think they look really good too!


Some information – we’ve recently fitted a kitchen bought from Ikea and discovered that the cooker wouldn’t quite fit where it was designed to. Their online design service is great so you can play around with ideas and actually see your finished kitchen as you’re planning it. Just a word to the wise though, double check that everything you plan does fit in the space you’ve got for it. The cooker wouldn’t appear on the design even though it looked like it would fit. The reason it wouldn’t appear was because it didn’t fit and it was only a tiny amount too big. The design softwware clearly knows what it’s doing and unfortunately it doesn’t alert you when something doesn’t quite fit. Our advice is to double check about anything that doesn’t slot easilt into your design as you’re planning it.

Inspiring you – we like to share designs and products that we think are beautiful and inspiring. This shower room was easily big enough to accommodate a bath and separate shower and instead a statement shower area was chosen for the room. we think it’s pretty wow!