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We discovered that the flank wall (the side wall to the rear addition, the opposite side to the party wall with the neighbouring house) was unstable. We also discovered that the first floor joists were not tied, sufficiently, into the building. That means, at our job in Greenwich, we have now taken down the whole of the flank and rear walls of the rear addition. You can see the before and after photos here…

As well as dismantling more of the house, we have now started constructing too!

The home office is really taking shape, and we’re excited to share a photo of it, so far…


If you love your home, and don’t really want to move, a home office/outdoor room could be the perfect solution in creating extra space for you and your family. Another outdoor room we created in the past, is this one, below… remember that you can have power, heat and lighting all supplied to your garden room, and it really can be a beautiful and comfortable addition to your living space.


Another way that many people choose to create additional space in their home, is of course to convert their loft. In Greenwich, the works to the loft are also progressing. We are now ready to start roofing…



An idea – Garden rooms are a great idea for people who choose to stay put and make additions and improvements to their home as an alternative to moving house. This garden room is going to provide useful extra storage space, as well as a home office/studio in one of our current projects.


A touch of inspiration – Over recent years, more and more people have been looking to bring the outside in. Kitchens and indoor living spaces with glass door leading straight to an outside living space mean that you can access your outside space easily and enjoy it even when the weather means you can’t be in it. Have the same or similar flooring inside and outside so the two spaces flow together. These garde tiles have a rougher non-slip texture for outside and we’ll be laying ones with a smooth texture in the kitchen.



Some information – Building sites are often busy places and co-ordinating all the different tradespeople can be tricky if you are managing your own building project. At Create we manage your projects so that work is scheduled and co-ordinated to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Not only that, we are aware of legislation and regulations and can advise you what’s needed so that you know you are complying with all the requirements.