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Progress has been at a rapid pace as we have been working through the whole house, all at the same time, at our project in South East London. In the loft, the roof was being constructed, and down below, the rear of the house was being rebuilt, simultaneously.

Once again, attention to detail is always a priority… right down, or up… to the chimney pots!

As well as a bedroom, the new loft space includes a bathroom, constructed from a timber frame at the rear of the house.

On the first floor level, there are three more bedrooms and another bathroom.

Even outside, the home office is now well under way, and bamboo plants will provide a screen from the busy road that the house backs on to.




We discovered that the flank wall (the side wall to the rear addition, the opposite side to the party wall with the neighbouring house) was unstable. We also discovered that the first floor joists were not tied, sufficiently, into the building. That means, at our job in Greenwich, we have now taken down the whole of the flank and rear walls of the rear addition. You can see the before and after photos here…

As well as dismantling more of the house, we have now started constructing too!

The home office is really taking shape, and we’re excited to share a photo of it, so far…


If you love your home, and don’t really want to move, a home office/outdoor room could be the perfect solution in creating extra space for you and your family. Another outdoor room we created in the past, is this one, below… remember that you can have power, heat and lighting all supplied to your garden room, and it really can be a beautiful and comfortable addition to your living space.


Another way that many people choose to create additional space in their home, is of course to convert their loft. In Greenwich, the works to the loft are also progressing. We are now ready to start roofing…


A head for heights is a no question ‘must’, when you’re creating a loft conversion… this photo reveals it all (and no, that isn’t my foot in the pic!) Look at the road, so far below…


As well as progressing with the timber work for the loft, we have, once again, been making great progress with our latest project.

Last week, I talked about the helical bars that we would be using to strenghten the brickwork. The bars are inserted into the wall, across the cracks, at 300mm intervals, and then they are bonded into place.

As well as stabilising the brickwork, we have continued digging out for the lower kitchen floor, and, we’ve also poured concrete for the kitchen extension and home office foundations.

We’ll be putting new windows into the whole house, these have now been delivered. P1130071

There is regularly a team of six or seven on site at any one time, and, as well as our building team and other tradesmen, we are investing in the future by employing apprentices to work and learn alongside our experienced crew. Here at Create, we are  committed to developing and supporting our younger team members, so that we are continually able to deliver a service that is designed to exceed your expectations. We know that the building industry has not always been credited for reliability and attention to detail. At Create, we are committed to a standard of excellence and transparency in all our work. Also, if you are curious to see how our latest project might look when we’re all finished, you can view our portfolio of past creations by clicking HERE. There are photographs showing many of our projects, stage by stage, from start through to completion.

Til soon!

Here at Create, we’ve had a busy 6 months, and we’ve completed some exciting work! We’ve also, very recently, begun a large project to refurbish the whole house, add a loft conversion, a kitchen extension, AND a home office in the garden, to a home in South East London. We’re looking forward to sharing updates and photos as we go along!

To begin, we stripped out the interior, including the kitchen, bathroom and some of the plaster, ceilings and internal doors. Next, the scaffolding went up, and we began to remove the roof tiles, ready to begin the loft works. We’re also starting to dig out for the footings to the extension, the sub floor to the kitchen and the base for the home office.

For the duration of this project, our client has moved out. It means we can work on the whole house all at once, rather than room by room, if they were still living in the space. It is making for good progress and an exciting pace of work!

The work so far…





Here at Create, we are delighted to be launching our new website very soon…we’ll keep you posted on when it goes live. Also, we are excited to have some addtional services to offer.

As well as our Full Building Service, we offer  Architectural Planning, Project Management and Contract Administration Services.

Whether you are considering enhancing your home with a loft conversion, extension or refurbishment, the first step is always to consider what you need to do regarding planning and building regulations.

Many extensions and lofts can be built under the lawful development regulations, while others need full planning permission. At all times, building regulations will need to be considered and adhered to, including structural calculations, party wall matters and the new health and safety legislation covering domestic works.


Our team has the complete range of skills and experience to take your ideas and help them blossom in to glorious reality. After receiving your instructions, we will develop the design for your approval and submit it to the local authority to achieve the necessary consent, before further developing the scheme to ensure that the building regulations will be satisifed. We will support you throughout by dealing with all the statutory and technical aspects.

You can appoint us to draw up a detailed specification for the works with estimated costs. This enables you to budget for the build phase and provides you with a set of documents with which you can facilitate more consistent prices from tendering builders.

Our project management team is on hand to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently, whether or not you decide to appoint us to deliver the build phase.

Here, in our blog, we intend to support you with information, ideas and inspiration with all the building projects you embark on. Please feel free to ask us any quesions here, and, as well, you might like to join us on our Facebook page to see more of what we’re up to.

Last month, we told you about a loft conversion we had just begun, across the road from where it all began for us, with our first big extension. We’re moving on with work and here’s a couple of photos of how it’s taking shape.

P1080679  P1080680


At our other loft conversion in South East London, we are further on with the process. These are some photos of the work in progress there.

P1080084 P1080087 P1080091 P1080092

P1020778 P1020779 P1020780 P1020781

The roof lights from Glazing Vision are their VisionVent Access Hatch Rooflights, They are electrically operated, the press of a button gives easy access onto the roof for maintenance and cleaning.


photo 3 photo 1 photo 3



And now, some photos of the work in progress on the luxury bathroom refurbishment we are project managing…finished photos to follow soon.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Until next time, if you’d like to see more photographs of our past creations, here’s the link to our portfolio website.

Remember also, we can do your planning application, we have several applications going through at the moment. Please do get in touch if this is something you’d like us to do for you,

How time flies when we’re having fun! Since our last post in late June, we really are in the final stages of work at the kitchen extension. It’s coming together and looking great. Also, there’s been some learnings for us along the way.

We’ve seen very clearly the challenge of not being involved in a project right at the start. Our clients employed their own architect and we weren’t part of the design process. We are certainly happy to work in this way, and there have been times when the drawings haven’t quite given us sufficient information to work with or have not reflected the truth of what the job required. Of course, now, at the end of the process, everyone is happy and all the challenges can easily be forgotten. We think it’s important we take our learnings and ensure we are constantly working to make the process an ever easier experience for our clients. We know that having major building work in your home can be stressful, we aim to make it as stress-free as possible always.

In contrast, we are well on the way with a loft conversion, again in South East London, and we are seeing the benefits of having a great, open and honest relationship with our client right from the outset. We have been involved from the beginning, and, as such, have a complete and clear picture of what is wanted and how that has been translated into drawings we know reflect the required work accurately. It’s making for a smoother and more enjoyable experience for everyone, particularly our client.

So the message here is, please do come and talk with us as soon as you know you would like to extend or improve your home in some way. The sooner we can start the conversation and understand exactly what you would like, the better, for everyone.

As well as our building projects, we have completed a loft conversion in our project management capacity. Here’s little sneak preview of the finished result…more photos will follow

Completed 140531 (10)

We’ve also started a luxury bathroom refurbishment, again working as project managers. Again, we’ll be posting photos soon.

And now for our final news of the month, we are back where it all began! Our first big project was a stunning extension in Hither Green. We’re now working across the road, on a loft conversion. This is the extension we did three years ago and here’s a photo of the start of their neighbours loft conversion.

It’s always nice to be home don’t you think?! 🙂

IMG_5459 140804 (4)




We’ve been project managing a loft conversion in South London and are excited to share the ‘almost finished’ photos. Our clients have taken care over the details and the result is stunning. They have chosen Senso resin flooring for both the shower room and bedroom. Roof lights flood the space with light, and carefully selected sanitary ware and bathroom fittings add to the wow factor. A neat, space saving, oak pocket door leads from the shower room into the bedroom.

Completed 140531 (6) Completed 140531 (7) Completed 140531 (1)  Completed 140531 (9) Completed 140531 (3) Completed 140531 (8)

Our creative clients have finished scaffold boards with wax and they now make for a feature wall in the bedroom. It’s always a pleasure to be part of making someone’s home even more beautiful, and this new loft is certainly one that our clients will enjoy.

Completed 140531 (10) Completed 140531 (11)

At our extension, again in South London, we’ve fixed the timber batons ready for the external cedar cladding.



The doors are going in.

photo 1

We have Velux windows too.

photo 2

And we’re even making sure the family pet has a cat flap to come and go through!

photo 1

It’s been a busy few weeks for us at Create, we’ve started two new exciting jobs, as well as continuing to project manage the loft conversion which is well on it’s way to being complete. It’s looking stunning, with some great features like the Senso flooring and walls. Senso make natural resin flooring and rock-resin walls. They are an interesting alternative to tiles, wooden floors or other coverings. If you’re looking for something a little different, have a look here to see more.


One of our new jobs is an extension in South London. Again, we’re using a product that’s a little different, Ibstock tilebricks. They replicate a tile-hung wall elevation but are more robust than vertical tiling and are virtually maintenance free. By using clever profiled edges and a tile-shaped front face, the extruded clay units look just like tile hanging when mortared together.


Here’s how the bricks are looking in South London…

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

They have to be laid to ensure that no mortar shows on the outside. That means fully filling the joints from the back.

Our clients are buying their new kitchen from Woods of London. Although planning and buying your kitchen in the traditional way can make for a fabulous space, it can be exciting to think outside of the box and go for a kitchen that is truly unique to you. A recent article in Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine explored that very topic. It has certainly made us think about what’s possible in kitchen design. You might consider thinking carefully about what job you want your kitchen to do in terms how you’d like to live in it and what kind of space you’d like it to be. For many people, their kitchen really is the heart of the home and it’s a social space as well as a purely functional room. Bearing that in mind, you may decide to put less emphasis on the practical use of your kitchen and think more about how you want it to look and feel so that it really reflects you and how you want to enjoy it. You could decide to have less fitted units and more individual, one-off pieces of furniture or storage solutions. To get your ideas flowing, we’ve found some quirky, different, thought provoking photos of kitchens to share with you…

acropolis-kitchen bright-colored-kitchen kitchen-sinks-modern-kitchen-products-3

Magnificent-Unusual-Kitchen-Cabinets-Using-Glossy-Cover-And-Rough-Wood-Design-Combined-With-Rustic-Wood-Kitchen-Island-And-Wooden-Stool rustic-kitchen-with-yellow-island TONY_0002


After a busy Summer we’re back with our blog and we’re making a change to our usual format. Instead of our regular ‘ideas, information and inspiration‘, we’re concentrating solely on what’s involved in converting your loft.

We receive lots of enquiries and questions from people who would like to add additional rooms to their home by converting their loft space. It’s a big (and exciting!) project to undertake. We’ve created a quick guide for what to consider and think about before you begin.

If you’ve already had your loft converted, are in the midst of doing it or are thinking about it for the future, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

The first thing to do is get some plans drawn up. Here at Create we can do this for you and we do this in a two stage approach. Initially we do outline planning drawings to show you the design and to make sure you’re happy. These plans then go to the council to obtain your Certificate of Lawfulness (COL). The next stage is to do the construction drawings showing the build detail and it’s what we pass to the structural engineer to get the correct calculations for the steel beams. Once we have all the information it enables an accurate costing and schedule of works to be prepared. It’s advisable to factor in the cost of putting a cover up above the roof so that you ensure you are weather proof during the works, particularly as you are likely to have to take off at least part of the existing roof and likely all of it. If you’re home is attached to your neighbours then you must ensure you draw up Party Wall Agreements before you begin. Your loft conversion should be able to be carried out under Permitted Development (PD) but in certain circumstances you may need planning permission. Below are links to more information about both Party Wall Agreements and Permitted Development Rights.




The drawings will tell you whether your home will need additional steel joists to support the additional weight. It’s likely it will.


The new floor hangs from the steel.


In this loft, we added a shower room to the rear of the house. It needed to be built onto the existing pitched roof.


The internal rooms are built from timber frames and you must ensure you consider fire regulations and use the appropriate materials such as fire resistant plaster board. You will need to change other internal doors within your home or install additional smoke alarms so that you meet with requirements.



We only intend this to be a quick guide to what’s involved and have highlighted what we consider some important actions and information when you’re planning your conversion. When it’s done well, a loft conversion brings great new space to your home. It should always be done to work with the existing age and style of the building.

For more photographs of what’s involved in converting your loft, please click on the following link and we hope you enjoy planning your new space!            Converting a loft         

Loft (1)