It’s always great to complete a project and know we’ve made a difference to some people’s lives. To inspire you this time we’ve got ‘before’, ‘in the middle’ and ‘after’ photos of one of our most recent jobs. We know that taking on a big building project can sometimes feel like a daunting task and we hope our ‘after’ photo is the inspiration you need to encourage you to start bringing your own ideas to life.



In the middle

In the middle

And after!

And after!


Maybe you too are looking to have some lovely big doors leading out from your house into your garden like our clients in their new kitchen above? As well as the option they chose, here’s some more ideas from our portfolio that we think you might like!

Martin Wyatt 009 Sliding folding doors Completed (4) IMG_5459 AP-Rainbow-Street-ii

And Information

When we undertake a buidling project there’s always the possibility that there will be unforeseen things that we discover as we work. We’ve recently been working at a house that was built close to a former river bed. There is no evidence of the river now. It was only when we started to dig for our footings that we discovered it had once been there. It means that the footings have to be dug deeper than usually required. This takes more time.

It’s always a good idea to be aware that sometimes we do come across something that will meanwe might have to adjust, adapt or amend things. Having this in mind before you begin a project means that if the unforeseen happens, then you are prepared for it. We always work to get around any challenges as efficiently as possible.

Once again, we hope you’ve enjoyed our blog and we’ll be back soon with more…