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Here at Create, we are delighted to be launching our new website very soon…we’ll keep you posted on when it goes live. Also, we are excited to have some addtional services to offer.

As well as our Full Building Service, we offer  Architectural Planning, Project Management and Contract Administration Services.

Whether you are considering enhancing your home with a loft conversion, extension or refurbishment, the first step is always to consider what you need to do regarding planning and building regulations.

Many extensions and lofts can be built under the lawful development regulations, while others need full planning permission. At all times, building regulations will need to be considered and adhered to, including structural calculations, party wall matters and the new health and safety legislation covering domestic works.


Our team has the complete range of skills and experience to take your ideas and help them blossom in to glorious reality. After receiving your instructions, we will develop the design for your approval and submit it to the local authority to achieve the necessary consent, before further developing the scheme to ensure that the building regulations will be satisifed. We will support you throughout by dealing with all the statutory and technical aspects.

You can appoint us to draw up a detailed specification for the works with estimated costs. This enables you to budget for the build phase and provides you with a set of documents with which you can facilitate more consistent prices from tendering builders.

Our project management team is on hand to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently, whether or not you decide to appoint us to deliver the build phase.

Here, in our blog, we intend to support you with information, ideas and inspiration with all the building projects you embark on. Please feel free to ask us any quesions here, and, as well, you might like to join us on our Facebook page to see more of what we’re up to.


Happy new year to you from all of us at Create. We’re excited to be back to work after our Christmas break and here’s one of the most recent photographs of the extension we’re building in South East London.

photo 2

As you can see, we’ve built the main structure of the building and so now it’s time for us to make sure all the jobs that need completing before we start to plasterboard, are done.

photo 1

We’ve laid a timber floor in the kitchen.

photo 3

We’ve levelled the ceiling.

Also, we are ensuring all the pipes are in place for the heating and plumbing. The same applies for the cables. It’s really important for us to check that we have everything done that we need to do before we start to insulate and plasterboard.

In addition, we’ve prepared to lay concrete at the back of the house to give a solid bed for our Aco drain that will catch the rain water that will run off the doors.

photo 4

Soon you’ll start to see how the inside of the extension begins to really take shape. We’re looking forward to sharing more photos and telling you about the next part of the build.

We’ve had another busy and exciting month here at Create.

Kitchen and garden ideas coming soon…

One of our recent jobs is nearing completion. We’ll be sharing the ‘after’ photos and some kitchen and garden ideas here soon. In the meantime, here’s the ‘before’ shot. Remember to look out for the photos of the finished work!

Image 10


On another project we’ve come across an unforeseen issue, dry rot. One of the biggest threats to structural timber is fungal decay. Both wet and dry rot can cause serious structural damage to your home. Here’s some information you might find useful if you suspect your home has evidence of it.

Dry rot needs moisture to thrive and loves damp, warm, unventilated conditions so it’s often found in areas that aren’t easily visible. Its spores travel quickly and, within a short time, the structural integrity of a building can be compromised.

Treating dry rot is a two step process. The first step is to eliminate the source of water causing the damp.

The second step is to get rid of all infected timber and replace structural woodwork with new timber. Healthy timber near the infected area will need to be treated as well.

Always take professional advice if you suspect your home has dry rot.


As always in our blog we aim to inspire! This month we’re including a selection of bathroom photos.

Marshall - loft (2) Box frame - New Cross IMG_5451 20110728_6597.cold 20110728_6605 19th December (17) Wet room - SE13 (1)  Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTURE 20110728_6593 20110728_6609

Here at Create we’re looking forward to blogging and telling you about our latest projects. You’ll get to see what we’re building as we’re building it, from the foundations to the final details. Here’s some of our current jobs and. at the same time, an introduction to some of the Create team!

Charlie cleaning out the mixer

Charlie cleaning out the mixer

Kitchen extension from the outside

Kitchen extension from the outside

Inside the kitchen extension!

Inside the kitchen extension!

Andy tightening a water pipe connection

Andy tightening a water pipe connection