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We’re well on our way towards completing works to convert the loft, add a kitchen extension and refurbish the whole house, for our clients in South East London.

From top to bottom, the loft bedroom is decorated, the flooring is laid, and our client’s can now see the ‘almost’ finished space… they’re excited! Amtico flooring compliments the Strong White Farrow and Ball emulsion on the walls and the oak finishes for the door and window board.

Moving down to the first floor, two of the three bedrooms are almost complete. The vertical radiators, coving and ceiling roses, are those finishing details that give the home its beautiful feel. Our clients told us it will be like moving into a brand new Victorian house, all the character and proportions of the era, with all the comforts and luxury of the 21st Century.

On the ground floor, we still have work to do to finish the kitchen, dining and lounge areas. That said, the sliding folding doors leading out into the garden are now in situ, and we have begun digging out for the garden works. Looking from the kitchen, the outdoor office is taking shape. Inside, now that the walls are ready for plastering, the size of the space can really be appreciated.


Progress has been at a rapid pace as we have been working through the whole house, all at the same time, at our project in South East London. In the loft, the roof was being constructed, and down below, the rear of the house was being rebuilt, simultaneously.

Once again, attention to detail is always a priority… right down, or up… to the chimney pots!

As well as a bedroom, the new loft space includes a bathroom, constructed from a timber frame at the rear of the house.

On the first floor level, there are three more bedrooms and another bathroom.

Even outside, the home office is now well under way, and bamboo plants will provide a screen from the busy road that the house backs on to.



Here at Create, we have a wealth of joinery experience, over 100 years between us all told. Well known and long standing local joinery company, Oak Joinery, has had to close as their lease has expired.  As the former owner of Oak Joinery, André feels that a joinery company should remain in the area to utilise the experience and expertise, particulalry regarding the local design vernacular, built up over the years. As a consequence, we are delighted that Rob Taylor, the former Managing Director of Oak Joinery, has now joined us. We welcome him, and we are all very much looking forward to being able to provide for our local area’s joinery needs ongoing.

In the near future, we will be expanding our website to incorporate more of our joinery services, and, in the meantime, you can find out more by visiting our current website >>Click HERE for joinery at Create<<

Here at Create, we are excited to introduce you to our Architectural Planning services… and, as part of that, to let you know some of what you really must consider, before you embark on any building project.

To begin, it’s good to know that many extensions or lofts can be built under the lawful development regulations, while others do need full planning permission. Always, before you embark on your project though, you will need to take into account all statutory and technical aspects, and consider, and adhere to, building regulations, including structural calculations, party wall matters and the new health and safety legislation covering domestic works.

At the outset, it will greatly support you in budgeting for the build phase of your project, if you have a detailed specification for the works with estimated costs. Also, we know that having those documents will also facilitate more consistent prices from tendering builders.

Smooth running, efficient and timely, are not always words that are used to describe building projects. Having a professional, to manage the project on your behalf, may not be something you have considered, and yet it could be one of the best investments you make. Having someone alongside, who can look after everything, makes for an easier process, for sure. That could include, things like, the agreements (Party Wall Agreements) you would be wise to have in place with any neighbours, and also, what, as a householder, you are now required to provide in terms of health and safety for all who might be affected by the work.

To give you a little more information here, Party Wall Agreements are not a legal requirement, but rather act as a formal agreement between you and your neighbours that facilitate works and protect both parties equally, minimising any potential for disagreement or conflict in relation to your works.

Along a similar vein, when you are employing your own contractor, and to ensure your expectations as a client are met, having a Contract Administrator, to take care of both of your interests with regard to the contract between you and your builder, will ensure your expectations within that contract, are met.

It’s not possible for us to include here, everything you need, and that we advise you, to consider before embarking on your building project, so, if you are reading this and would like to find out more, please do check out our website. The link to us is >>HERE Create For You<<


In Greenwich, we are in the early stages of another whole home refurbishment. We will be detailing each step, from top to bottom, as we progress. To begin, here’s a selection of ‘before’ photos…

On the top floor, there are currently two bedrooms and our work begins up there. We’re adding an ensuite shower room to one of the bedrooms. Already, as we’ve begun to strip back the existing plaster and take out the fireplace, we’ve discovered woodworm and unreliable joists that we need to recitify and take into account of, as we determine what support will be required to ensure the integrity of the house in our refurbishment.

So far…

We discovered that the flank wall (the side wall to the rear addition, the opposite side to the party wall with the neighbouring house) was unstable. We also discovered that the first floor joists were not tied, sufficiently, into the building. That means, at our job in Greenwich, we have now taken down the whole of the flank and rear walls of the rear addition. You can see the before and after photos here…

As well as dismantling more of the house, we have now started constructing too!

The home office is really taking shape, and we’re excited to share a photo of it, so far…


If you love your home, and don’t really want to move, a home office/outdoor room could be the perfect solution in creating extra space for you and your family. Another outdoor room we created in the past, is this one, below… remember that you can have power, heat and lighting all supplied to your garden room, and it really can be a beautiful and comfortable addition to your living space.


Another way that many people choose to create additional space in their home, is of course to convert their loft. In Greenwich, the works to the loft are also progressing. We are now ready to start roofing…


A head for heights is a no question ‘must’, when you’re creating a loft conversion… this photo reveals it all (and no, that isn’t my foot in the pic!) Look at the road, so far below…


As well as progressing with the timber work for the loft, we have, once again, been making great progress with our latest project.

Last week, I talked about the helical bars that we would be using to strenghten the brickwork. The bars are inserted into the wall, across the cracks, at 300mm intervals, and then they are bonded into place.

As well as stabilising the brickwork, we have continued digging out for the lower kitchen floor, and, we’ve also poured concrete for the kitchen extension and home office foundations.

We’ll be putting new windows into the whole house, these have now been delivered. P1130071

There is regularly a team of six or seven on site at any one time, and, as well as our building team and other tradesmen, we are investing in the future by employing apprentices to work and learn alongside our experienced crew. Here at Create, we are  committed to developing and supporting our younger team members, so that we are continually able to deliver a service that is designed to exceed your expectations. We know that the building industry has not always been credited for reliability and attention to detail. At Create, we are committed to a standard of excellence and transparency in all our work. Also, if you are curious to see how our latest project might look when we’re all finished, you can view our portfolio of past creations by clicking HERE. There are photographs showing many of our projects, stage by stage, from start through to completion.

Til soon!

Answer…in a kettle, so I discovered!

That was one of many new things I learned from the team on site, when I went to take photographs for this blog post at our project in Greenwich.

For those of you who may not have seen our last post yet, we are excited about one of current projects, to convert, extend and reburbish the home of a family who have moved out for the duration of the works. We are working on converting their loft, extending the kitchen, building a home office and remodelling their home, all at the same time.

Over, only, the past week, we’ve achieved lots…

…we’ve repaired the parapet wall with neighbouring property

…we’ve taken internal chimneys down

…we’ve made good progress in digging out ready for the new, lower, kitchen floor

…Building Control have made an inspection and approved the footings for the kitchen extension…

As we come to the end of another week, the concrete is being pumped into the footings and we are preparing to repair cracks in the walls using helical bars. The existing mortar is removed and the bars are set in resin, at 300mm apart, across the cracks. The strength and integrity of the building is ensured.

We’re looking forward to sharing ‘what’s next’ with you very soon!


Here at Create, we’ve had a busy 6 months, and we’ve completed some exciting work! We’ve also, very recently, begun a large project to refurbish the whole house, add a loft conversion, a kitchen extension, AND a home office in the garden, to a home in South East London. We’re looking forward to sharing updates and photos as we go along!

To begin, we stripped out the interior, including the kitchen, bathroom and some of the plaster, ceilings and internal doors. Next, the scaffolding went up, and we began to remove the roof tiles, ready to begin the loft works. We’re also starting to dig out for the footings to the extension, the sub floor to the kitchen and the base for the home office.

For the duration of this project, our client has moved out. It means we can work on the whole house all at once, rather than room by room, if they were still living in the space. It is making for good progress and an exciting pace of work!

The work so far…




Rhosygilwen, in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, is the location of a pioneering build project. The first affordable, zero energy, solar home was constructed here, at the site of the first large scale PV (Photovoltaic) plant in Wales, commissioned in 2011. The Photovoltaic panels produced by MiaSole, can generate up to 1200KWs of electricity, enough to power 500 homes.

Tŷ Solar Homes, the company behind the idea, have been created to develop zero energy affordable housing.

They seek to source 80% of their materials and expertise in Wales and create local employment. The project which delivered the working prototype of the solar powered 2-storey home in Rhosygilwen, is currently building several homes in Pembrokeshire.

It is sustainable manufacturing, housing and energy production, all integrated into one simple idea.

Tŷ Solar has achieved Cat A ratings for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact, in accordance with UK2005 European Directive 202/91/EC.

The solar homes project has four objectives:

1 To develop an Eco home with a Code for Sustainable Homes rating of at least level 4 / 5 of the sustainability code

2 To utilise locally sourced timber for the substantial part of its construction thereby creating a sustainable regional supply chain

3 To commercialise the prototype for sale as a prefabricated house and create local, semi-skilled, manufacturing jobs

4 To bring a change in awareness of timber built homes.

We visited Rhosygilwen just a few weeks ago, and have to say the solar home is both innovative and truly inspirational.

To find out more about it, simply follow the link below… Ty Solar To follow progress of the build, you can also Like Pentre Solar on Facebook IMG_1345