Answer…in a kettle, so I discovered!

That was one of many new things I learned from the team on site, when I went to take photographs for this blog post at our project in Greenwich.

For those of you who may not have seen our last post yet, we are excited about one of current projects, to convert, extend and reburbish the home of a family who have moved out for the duration of the works. We are working on converting their loft, extending the kitchen, building a home office and remodelling their home, all at the same time.

Over, only, the past week, we’ve achieved lots…

…we’ve repaired the parapet wall with neighbouring property

…we’ve taken internal chimneys down

…we’ve made good progress in digging out ready for the new, lower, kitchen floor

…Building Control have made an inspection and approved the footings for the kitchen extension…

As we come to the end of another week, the concrete is being pumped into the footings and we are preparing to repair cracks in the walls using helical bars. The existing mortar is removed and the bars are set in resin, at 300mm apart, across the cracks. The strength and integrity of the building is ensured.

We’re looking forward to sharing ‘what’s next’ with you very soon!