Today we’re talking about the bottom and the top of the extension, that’s the drains and the new roof!

We had to run new drainage for all the surface water from both the existing house and the extension roofs. We also replaced the man hole because it was leaking into the surrounding ground and causing damp issues in the house walls.

photo 3

At the other end of the building, up on top, we started constructing the roof of the extension. The roof rafters that you can see in the photographs below sit on top of the wall plate.

photo 2 photo 5

Here are photographs showing how we got one of the final steels in position on the ground before lifting it into place with a genie lift.

photo 2photo 2

And here’s the new roof covering.

photo 3

In addition, we’ve taken out the existing chimney on the ground floor and supported the chimney above with a steel.

photo 2